Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs Into Tiny Teacups

One can never have too many plastic Easter eggs. Sometimes they end up in your kid’s toy box, but they’re usually forgotten–stuck way at the bottom, at the back of a cabinet, or inside an overflowing drawer for random catchalls. It’s okay to admit it–you really don’t know what to do them! But at the same time, you don’t feel like throwing them away yet because you can use them for something else, you just have no idea what it is.

You’re in luck because you can transform those multiple plastic eggs into…cute, tiny teacups for your kids! It’s perfect for tea parties, and the plastic eggs are sturdy enough to hold small amounts of liquid. All you need for this project are plastic eggs, large buttons, lengths of 38-inch grosgrain ribbon (in different colors if you like), scissors, and a glue gun.

Follow the instructions here: