Upcycle a Glass Casserole Lid Into a Hanging Bird Bath

Looking for a new purpose for a glass casserole lid without its mate? Don’t throw it away yet! You can repurpose it into a hanging bird bath. It’s easy to do with a few materials from the hardware store and doesn’t require any drilling at all.



  1. Using a rotary tool, cut off 10-12 inches of chain link. Connect the two ends with twisted stainless/galvanized steel wire. This round chain will become the “cradle” that will support your upside down glass lid.
  2. Cut four more chain links of the same length and same number of links. The length will depend on how long you’d want the finished bird bath to hang from your tree.
  3. Connect all four chain links to four sides of the round chain, again with the use of twisted stainless steel wire. 
  4. Set the glass lid upside down in the center of the chain cradle. Gather the four long chains at the top and hook the ends on a quick link. 
  5. Connect the closed quick link into a carabiner. Your DIY glass lid bird bath is now ready to hang on a tree. Don’t forget to add water for the birds.

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