Upcycle Furniture into a Pet Bed

Do you have a pooch or kitty who deserves her own throne? Upcycle some furniture into a pet bed! An old table could be made into a pet bed fit for a king!


How to transform old furniture into a pet bed?

This super easy tutorial shows you how to take an old end table, and using a clever hack with tape and spray paint, quickly turn it into a crazy cute pet bed.

How many ugly tables have we passed up at the thrift shop?! Going to have to give this a try.

Here’s one that allcreated.com made using this tutorial:

end table upcycled into pet bed


Check it out now in the video below!


I hope this post gave you some inspiration for upcycling because that’s what we are here for! Old furniture is big and bulky and creates a lot of waste when thrown away. And pet products are getting really expensive. So why not fix two problems at once and give this a go? Do yourself and the planet a favor. Oh and don’t forget about your pet 🙂

Stay motivated!

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