Upcycle Ad Magnets Into Washi Tape Magnets

Do you have a lot of ugly (sorry, not sorry) advertising magnets cluttering up your fridge? Maybe you already forgot where most of them came from and they just seem to multiply out of nowhere. With a little washi tape magic, you can turn eyesore magnets into fun, pretty magnets you actually like to use.


  • advertising magnets
  • assorted washi tapes
  • plain white adhesive paper
  • scissors


  1. Cover the advertising side of the magnets with plain white adhesive paper. Add 1-2 more layers of adhesive paper if the advertising design is still visible.
  2. Choose your favorite washi tape designs and stick them on the adhesive paper layer.
  3. Cut through the magnet to make individual washi tape magnet strips. You can also leave it as is and just trim the ends if you want a bigger magnet.

  4. Trim the ends of the magnet strips square and some of them into arrow heads and tails for cute magnets. Your washi tape magnets are ready for sticking!

Source: My Poppet Makes