Turn a Vintage Globe Into a New Age Pendant Light

Globes, especially vintage ones, seem like they belong in a bygone era along with lace doilies and steamer trunks. But you can make an old-fashioned globe look beautiful and functional again by upcycling it into an awesome pendant light.

If you don’t have a vintage globe lying around at home, you can find one at flea markets. Or, you can simply buy a cheap plastic globe from a thrift shop and use that for this project.


  • Globe
  • Pendant light kit
  • X-acto knife
  • Copper tape
  • White spray paint
  • Wiring tools


  1. Detach the globe from its stand. Most globes are held together by a bracket that clamps it at both poles. If you pull this bracket apart gently, you can release the globe.

  2. Separate the globe along the equator with an X-acto knife and carefully pry the two halves apart. Choose the better looking half if only working with one pendant light. Clean and polish the globe half.

  3. Paint the inside of your globe half with white spray paint. Apply 2-3 coats of paint and allow to dry thoroughly (a few hours to a day). The white paint will make the globe half look more polished and bright with the lighting.

  4. Pull the wires of your pendant light kit to the edge of the ceiling medallion attachment until ceiling medallion comes off. Set the ceiling medallion aside.

  5. Take the wires and gently twist together all the way until the end. Pull the wires up through the top of the globe half. Keep the wire ends twisted together in a needle formation and pull them up through the ceiling medallion.

  6. Measure an amount of copper tape enough to go around the inside of the globe’s equator plus a few extra inches. Cut the tape and run your fingers all over it to smooth it out. Do the same on the outside of the equator, but this time with half the width of the tape hanging so you can wrap it over to the inner side. Smoothen out all the bumps.

  7. Turn off the electricity in the spot where you’ll be installing the pendant light. Install as per your pendant lighting set instructions. Or you can ask anyone who knows how to do electrical wiring to do this.

  8. When the wires are secured and the ceiling medallion is attached to the ceiling, screw in your light bulb. Flip the electricity back on and turn on the light switch. Enjoy the beauty of your “Old World” pendant light.

See the complete tutorial, with more step-by-step-photos at Home Edit.

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