Turn a Used Baby’s Crib Into a Vintage Bench and Other Awesome Crib Upcycles

So, your children are all grown up now and have flown the coop, or maybe you have both decided as parents that your third kid is finally the last one. Now, what to do with a used crib that’s currently taking up a lot of space and gathering dust? Turn it into something useful, of course. Whoever said cribs are only for putting babies to sleep? Here are 20 awesome ideas to repurpose old cribs to make a crib bench or something even cooler.

Crib Bench

baby crib bench

An old wooden crib now finds new purpose as a charming vintage crib bench. There are a lot of really cool crib bench creations out there like the one above by Beth of Farm Fresh Vintage Finds,

and this one by Courtney of A Diamond in the Stuff.

baby crib bench

You can also use leftover wood to make a bench with a hidden storage space like this toy box bench by Gail of My Repurposed Life.

baby crib bench

baby crib bench


baby crib chair

Old cribs also make perfect one-seaters. Idea from Ron of Junk Blossoms.


baby crib bookshelf

Crib rails make sturdy book shelves for a kid’s library. Tutorial by Jamie of DIY Home Sweet Home.

Chalkboard easel

baby crib chalkboard

The sides of an old crib can turn effortlessly into chalkboard easel.  Tutorial by Katie Lewis of The Red Kitchen.

Craft and tool station

baby crib tool rack

This is a perfect DIY project for any crafter or hobbyist who still has yet to have a work station to corral all their stuff. Tutorial by Monica of Crafty Nest.

Drying rack

baby crib drying rack

Crib rails = instant hanging drying racks. Tutorial by Erica of Northwest Edible Life.

Hanging organizers

baby crib organizer

baby crib tool rack

It’s a no-brainer, really. Crib rails also make perfect hanging organizers for anything from jewelry to pots and pans. The possibilities are endless. Jewelry organizer by Cindy of Cottage Instincts, pots and pans organizer from Instructables.

Garden and porch gate/fence

baby crib fence

From nursery to front porch and the garden, crib rails make the perfect fences and gates. Ideas from Pinterest.

Garden trellis

baby crib trells

Crib rails never run out of practical use, like this one, as a garden trellis. Idea from Larissa of Prodigal Pieces.

Kid’s work/study/play table

baby crib table

baby crib desk

With a little imagination, you can create a one-of-a-kind work desk or play table your kids will be excited to use out of their old crib. For inspiration, check out the creations of Caz of A Little Learning for Two and Mari of Inspired by Familia.

A grown-up’s desk

baby crib desk

Who says cribs are only for babies? Grown-ups can make their own work desk out of cribs too. Idea from Achados de Decoraçao.

Magazine rack

baby crib magazine rack

Crib rails can also be repurposed into a magazine rack. Idea from Becca of Blue Cricket Design.

Memo board

baby crib memo board

Seriously, why buy a new memo board when you can make one yourself? Get ideas from a magnetic memo board by The Frosted Gardner, and a spring memo board by The Handmade Home.

Plate holder

baby crib plate holder

An ingenious way to display your grandmother’s special China. You’ll always be reminded to use them instead of letting them gather dust. Tutorial by Gail of Someday Crafts.

Photo display

Crib rails or bed springs have a workable surface to display your favorite Instagram or digital camera photos. They make interesting conversation pieces when you have guests over too. Get ideas from Holly of Life as a Thrifter and Mari of Inspired by La Familia.

Porch swing

baby crib swing

baby crib swing

A crib can turn into the prettiest porch swing. Idea from Pinterest.

Pull wagon

baby crib wagon

A pull wagon is a genius idea for hauling kids and treats to the park for a picnic. Add a covered cushion and a pillow or two to make a cozy napping spot for a baby. Tutorial by Cami of Tidbits.

Reading nook

Kids will have a newfound appreciation for story time and enjoy reading on their own when they’ve got reading nooks as cozy as these. Get your inspiration from Matchteld Embroidery and Carla Matthews shared in Ikea Hackers.

Toddler bed

crib toddler bed

Figured out that your toddler is ready to transition into his/her own bed? If you want to save money, you needn’t buy a new toddler bed. Instead, use what you already have by making it from your own kid’s crib. These creations from Adriel Booker and the Do-it-yourself Divas will inspire you.

Hanging décor/memorabilia/wall art

Here are a few rad ideas for using crib parts as hanging décor, or as a stand and frame for displaying artwork and precious memorabilia. Ideas from Candy Allen of Junk Sophisticate and Joia of PJK News.


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