Turn Old Sweaters Into Cushy Shoes

These soft, wooly, comfy shoes are a doozy. Would you believe in a past life they were once part of an old sweater? No kidding.

wooly-sweater-slippersYou might be wondering how a wool sweater magically transforms into wooly shoes. If you’ve had your share of wooly sweaters in your lifetime, you’ll be familiar with how they usually end up in thrift stores. Unfortunately, wool sweaters are prone to shrinking—even that high quality branded one you bought at a Black Friday sale isn’t immune to this phenomena. It’s not their fault, the poor sweaters, it just is.

So what do you do when you end up with armloads of shrunken wooly sweaters you won’t be caught dead wearing outside but don’t want to give away yet because you still like the look and feel of it? Upcycle them into stylish wooly shoes! They’re fairly easy to make and can be a one-day project. Blogger Uncommon Cate shows us how.

The best material to start with is a thick, fully felted wooly sweater. According to Cate, it “makes for a warmer and more durable material.”

Cate makes the sole by simply tracing the foot.  The upper part is made by laying paper on top of the foot and tracing around the edges.  A simple saddle stitch is used to assemble pieces.


The back is just a rectangular piece trimmed to the right size.


Lastly, Cate also added an oak tanned cowhide out-sole to make the shoes more durable.

Check out the full description at Uncommon Cate.

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