Trash to Treasure: 8 Discardable Materials to Recycle into Baskets

Stop right there for a minute. Are you sure you’re going to throw away that box of Lucky Charms, that empty plastic water bottle, or those piles of old newspaper and glossy magazines? There’s still some life and purpose left in those piles of discards. Turn them into beautiful, handmade baskets you’d be proud to use and display.

Cardboard Boxes

This sturdy wine box is transformed into a basket with the help of some jute, fabric, and glue.



Tutorial by: Design DIY Fanatic

Cereal Boxes

Like big cardboard boxes, cereal boxes are also rigid and sturdy enough to remake into baskets. They’re also more colorful.



Tutorial by: Cucicucicoo

You can also make baskets using old newspapers and magazines.



Turn discarded denim into a beautiful hand woven basket. The thick material can hold the weight of heavy stuff.


Tutorial by: Ohoh Blog

Fabric Scraps

Gather all your fabric scraps or any old T-shirts you don’t use anymore for this project. The more colourful, the better.


Tutorial by: Corner Blog


Maps can make interesting craft projects with their muted colors and intricate lines. They’re also are made of thick, sturdy paper, which is perfect for this project.


Tutorial from: Make

Paper Plates

Paper plate baskets make cute and food baskets for summer picnics or barbecues. Just fold a paper plate, cut the edges with decorative scissors, hold it together with washi tape and you’re done.


Tutorial by: Sarah Hearts

Plastic Bags

Got a lot of carrier plastic bags? Weave them into colorful lightweight baskets.



Tutorial by: Lucky Ladybird Craft

Plastic Bottles

If you have big gallons of plastic water bottles lying around, you can recycle them into containers for household items.


Tutorial from:

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