Showcase Succulents in a Tiny Treasure Chest

Succulents are effortlessly pretty whatever container you plant them in. They look like vibrant, green jewels popping from the dirt. One way you can showcase these lovely, growing, green things is by planting them in a mini treasure chest. Succulents do amazingly well in small containers, and can flourish even with minimal watering and fussing.

This project is easy to do and requires a few materials and tools you can easily get. Mix and match succulents for variety. Put your succulent treasure chest in your favorite spot, or somewhere anyone can admire them. You can also give it away as a special gift for someone who would love it as much as you do.

Get cracking and do this project!


  • small chest (or chest-like container made of wood, plastic, metal, clay, or shell)
  • assorted succulents
  • activated carbon or charcoal
  • cactus potting mix
  • sand (beach sand, building sand, colored sand–basically any sand that’s non-toxic)
  • small piece of plastic (garbage bag or any non-permeable plastic, enough to cover the bottom and sides of your container)


  • long tweezers – for moving and placing the succulents
  • spoon – for scooping and layering the potting mix, charcoal, and sand
  • paint brush – for gently brushing dirt off the succulents
  • spray bottle with water


  1. Gather your succulent cuttings. Succulents grow easily from smaller pieces taken from the mother plant. If you already have succulents at home, take a few small pieces. Leave the cuttings to dry in a cool and airy place for a few days until they’re dry and develop calluses. They’re now ready to be planted into any soil.

  2. Layer your growing medium. First, line the bottom and sides of your container with the piece of plastic, leaving an overhang on the edges.

    Next, put a thin layer of sand, about 1/2″ deep. Follow with a fine layer of charcoal. Lastly, fill up to the top of the container with cactus compost. Trim the edge of the plastic lining until the top edge of the container.

  3. Make your arrangement. First, spray the top layer of cactus compost with water until moist, but not soaking wet. Using the tweezers, dig spaces into the compost and carefully insert the succulents one by one. You can place the taller ones at the back, the smaller ones in the middle, and the trailing ones at the front and sides for a cleaner look. When you’re done with the arrangement, use the paint brush to gently brush away excess dirt from the succulent leaves. Place your succulent treasure chest in a warm and airy space with enough sunlight.

To know more about aftercare, read the full post at Lovely Greens.