Plastic Easter Egg Upcycles You Can Do Right Now!

Easter is just around the corner. So what do you do with those cute little plastic Easter eggs once they’re empty of all treats? You can transform them into cute decor or something entirely new and useful. Either way, you’ll have fun making these easy plastic Easter egg upcycles. They also make excellent weekend crafts projects with your kids.

Easter Egg Garlands

Looking for new Easter garland ideas? There’s a lot you can do with those colorful plastic Easter eggs.

This light up plastic egg garland is perfect for backyard parties.

Easter Egg Wreath

Get ready for Easter once again and channel the Easter spirit at home with a DIY plastic Easter egg wreath.

DIY Tealight Flight

Now this is one cool way to upcycle plastic Easter eggs. These DIY tealights set the mood for romantic nights in with your loved one, or a relaxing time alone.

Halloween Skull Treat Boxes

Because nobody said you can’t recycle plastic Easter eggs into Halloween decor or better yet, skull treat boxes!

DIY Sound Shakers

Running out of homemade crafts project ideas for your kids? We bet you haven’t made one of these plastic Easter egg sound shakers before.

Homemade Bath Bomb Eggs

Add fragrance and fun to your kid’s bath time with homemade bath bomb eggs.

Hanging Bird Seed Balls

Offer some treats for your garden birds by making these unique bird feeders from plastic eggs. They look cute hanging too.

Marbled Egg Decor

We’re not really kidding when we tell you you can go crazy with your nail polish to make these marbled Easter eggs. Paints are great, you can get the same marbling effect too, but nail polish is way cooler and easier!

Marbled Egg Topiary

Take your marbled eggs to the next level by upcycling them into a topiary.

Mini Bullet Planters

Transform plastic Easter eggs into cute mini spring planters. They make excellent Easter or spring party favors too.

Mini Piñatas

Planning a Cinco de Mayo party? Get into the spirit by upcycling bigger plastic Easter eggs into mini piñatas.

Mini Teacups

How cute are these plastic egg mini teacups? So cute! So cute, you should make them right now with your kids.

Pineapple String Lights

Gear up for summer pool parties by making hipstery pineapple string lights from plastic Easter eggs.

Plastic Caterpillars

Recycle plastic Easter eggs and enjoy craft time with your kids at the same time by making these cute and colorful caterpillar friends.

Plastic Egg Maracas

Should your kids need a homemade musical instrument project for school, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. Dust off your plastic Easter eggs and turn them into these cutesy maracas. This project is also a good excuse as any for some bonding time with your kiddos.

Plastic Egg Mini Nesting Dolls

Create your own version of Russian nesting dolls with your kids by making these cute plastic egg nesting dolls.

Plastic Egg Snack Holders

Get your kids more excited for snack time by portioning bite-size snacks or tiny pica picas in colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Slip those egg snack containers into your kid’s school lunchbox so they get a sweet surprise from mom every day.

Play Dough Keeper

Instead of using old, boring tupperware to store your kid’s play dough, distribute them into differently colored plastic eggs instead. Your kid will get as excited putting their play dough away as with playing with them.