Make a Greenhouse Out of Old Doors and Windows

They say when one door closes, another one opens. And sometimes, it’s a window. But what about retired old doors and windows? What can you do with them? They may not be good for passing through and opening onto the outside world anymore, but just like the saying, there can be another opportunity to put them into good use. You can make a lovely greenhouse out of old doors and windows. Look through these models for inspiration.

*Note that the size and style of greenhouse you can make depends on the number of old doors and windows at your disposal. If you don’t have enough on hand for this project, it’s a good idea to call on some relatives, friends, or neighbors and ask them if they have old doors and windows lying around at home that they’re willing to give to you. If you come up empty-handed, try combing through your local flea market or garage sale.

This cute greenhouse may be small but’s its enough to grow some flowers in during the winter.

This greenhouse is called “Blue greenhouse”, and it’s obvious why. The name is easy to remember because it’s contradicting–blue from its color and the green from greenhouse. It’s spacious enough to produce crops for personal consumption.

Of course, you can paint your own greenhouse any color you like; it doesn’t have to be blue all the way. You can paint it white, a bold color, a combination, or even green.

This greenhouse already looks charming and inviting from the outside, with the thoughtful touches of hanging blooms outside and the addition of cozy wicker seats inside.

Keep in mind that when using doors and windows of varying shapes and sizes, you wouldn’t end up building a structurally perfect greenhouse. But it’s the diversity that is the beauty of this project–you end up with a unique, rustic greenhouse unlike any other that is also functional.

For more inspiration, view the rest of the greenhouse models at Life Outdoor.


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