How Used Textbooks Make the Perfect Accessories

What can you do when you’re stuck with used textbooks that don’t sell like hotcakes anymore?

Art Center Design College alumnus and textbook upcyler Mika Tanisaki thought of an ingenious way to turn textbook pages into paper beads to be used in creating accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.

Check out how Mika did it in the video below:

Quick tips: If you want vibrant pops of color in your paper bead accessories, it’s best to use colored textbook pages, or smooth pages with pictures and illustrations.

Paper Beads by Tanith - etsy

Paper Beads by Tanith – etsy

You can also combine paper beads with different kinds of beads to create unique designs. Use whatever you have available.

These paper bead accessories can instantly jazz up a plain outfit or casual wear. It also becomes an interesting topic of conversation with your friends and anyone who appreciates unique, upcycled stuff.

As you develop an eye for creating unique designs, you can share your creations as gifts or even sell them online.

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