DIY Fabulous Pumpkin Art for Autumn Décor

Ah…autumn. Such a beautiful season of bright sunny days, falling leaves, and chilly weather–perfect for cozying up with a mug of pumpkin tea and loads of pumpkin cakes, breads, and cookies. If you love pumpkin treats as much as we do, there’s no doubt you’ll love it in art form as well.

We found this lovely pumpkin art by Jamie, Jennifer, and Jodie of Eighteen 25. It’s cute and quirky, and the best thing about it is you can DIY it too.

Materials and supplies:

  • Styrofoam pumpkins (the girls found theirs in Hobby Lobby)
  • patterned paper or cardstock
  • frame (any size available)
  • chef’s knife
  • glue gun

* You can use any size of frame you want. In the photos, they used an 8×10 oval frame.


  1. Place the patterned paper in your frame. You can leave the glass where it is or put it behind the paper.
  2. Cut the Styrofoam pumpkin in half behind the stem.
  3. Glue the pumpkin onto the glass or the paper, whichever style you prefer.

That’s about it! Display in a space where it can stand out. Preferably beside the candy corn where guests and kids can admire it!

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