Button Tree Wall Art

Do you have a stash of buttons on hand that you don’t know what to do with? There’s no need to wrack your brains out figuring out what to use them for. They’re not just for keeping clothes fastened together. Buttons are great for dressing up sewing and crafts projects. We came across this eye-catching and vibrant button tree hanging artwork made by Amanda of Crafts by Amanda.

Read on for more about how it’s made.

button tree

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 20” x 24” blank canvas (any size you can get is ok too, as long as it’s not too huge)
  • Brown metallic paint
  • Clear industrial-strength craft adhesive (such as E6000)
  • Dimensional paints
  • Liner paintbrush
  • Pastel spray paints
  • Pencil
  • Buttons in different colors and sizes (the more vibrant the color, the better)

First, Amanda spray painted her blank canvas which gave it a glowing sunset effect. She used pink, yellow, hyacinth blue, robin’s egg blue, and sky blue spray paints. If you don’t have pastel spray paints, you can choose to paint yours any color that you like as long as it makes the colors of your buttons pop. Beige, cream, pearl, white, light grey, and other neutral colors go well with bright, vibrant-colored buttons. You can spray paint whichever way on the canvas, as long as you like the overall effect. Leave the canvas to dry for an hour.

button tree

After it dries

When the painted canvas is dry, use a pencil to lightly sketch a tree trunk with long, thin branches. Amanda drew five main branches, with smaller branches shooting off from those.

Next, use brown metallic paint to fill in the tree and use liner brush for the smaller branches. To add dimension to the tree trunk, apply streaks or steady lines using dimensional paints. They don’t have to look too neat.

Now comes the most fun part. Attach the buttons to the branches one by one with E6000 adhesive. You don’t have to follow a particular pattern of placement, just randomly placing buttons will do. Amanda started randomly placing the largest buttons first and saved the tiniest buttons last for the outermost edges.

After placing the buttons, voila! You’re done. You now have an amazing button tree wall art. And since it’s your own artwork, you can proudly sign it with your name just for fun.

button tree

For more button art projects and other cool, easy crafts, check out Crafts by Amanda.


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