Artist Carves Cute Forest Creatures From Avocado Stone

If we all would agree on one thing, it would probably be that avocado is the ultimate superfood of the century. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence to contradict this; at least, we haven’t read anything negative about avocados. For seasoned and newly-converted avocado lovers, the green tree-borne berries (technically they are single-seeded berries, in case you didn’t know) taste amazing, are abundant with health benefits, and can be enjoyed in more than a dozen ways from smoothies and ice cream to toasts and salads.

When you eat an avocado, everything but the skin and seed is consumed. They aren’t good for anything else, so we don’t think twice about throwing them in the compost. But one artist and avocado lover created something awesome and unique from avocado seeds–teeny, tiny detailed carvings of forest creatures. And they’re so cute!

It all started when Irish artist Jan Campbell was preparing an avocado sandwich for lunch back in 2014. According to Campbell, she “felt reluctant to throw the avocado stone into the bin” because she thought “it was too nice an object to throw away”. So she kept the stone until she thought of what to do with it. After carrying the stone in her pocket for a few days, she accidentally scraped the surface with her nail and discovered the inside was a beautiful deep orange pigment. She thought of carving it because…why not? With the use of lino-cutting tools, Campbell carved a random tiny strange face. The rest is history.

Her whimsical forest creature carvings from avocado seeds were such a success that she now sells her original pieces on Etsy and her website. You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Source: Tree Hugger