30 Clever Ways to Use String Lights NOT as Christmas Lights

Tired of putting up the same old string lights as Christmas lights? They’re not just made for that purpose, you know. With a little bit of imagination, creativity, and DIY, you can come up with more than a dozen other uses for string lights. Here are some clever ideas to get you started.

Romantic canopy bed lighting

For an instant romantic vibe, arrange string lights around your canopy bed.

Bed frame mood lighting

If you don’t have a canopy bed, you can hang string lights around the bed frame or headboard instead.

DIY fairy lights

To make fairy lights, simply fill a bell jar with battery-powered string lights. It instantly adds a whimsical and magical touch to any space. If you don’t have a bell jar, you can use mason jars.

Glass bottles will also do in a pinch.

DIY flameless firepit

Create a smokeless, flameless fire pit with twigs, rocks, and string lights.

DIY light up headboard

Make a unique, interesting light up headboard that’s sure to be a centerpiece in your bedroom.

DIY modern night light

Put a modern twist on the night light using string lights.

DIY string light banners

Add a whimsical and festive touch to parties, bedrooms, creative spaces, or cozy nooks with any of these DIY string light banners.

DIY overhead lights

Thinking of installing overhead lights? Save yourself the trouble by making your own out of string lights. It’s cheaper too.

DIY sparkle mirror garland

Add glitz and glamor to any living space with this mirror string light garland.

DIY starry night

Give your kids the stars by mimicking the night sky in their bedroom with string lights.

DIY stuffed fox lamp

It’s a fox and it’s a lamp! Seriously, what’s not to love about this?

DIY twine ball lanterns

A unique lighting project you can finish in a day to light up cozy outdoor nooks.

Dress up a bare wall

Don’t know what to do with a boring bare wall? Make it sparkle like stars with tiny fancy string lights.

Or use string lights to decorate a wall with geometric shapes…

Illuminate a photo wall

Light up your Instax photo wall with string lights.

Instant space divider

How can you divide a space without adding walls or making drastic changes? With string lights, of course!

Light up a bicycle

Make night-time bike rides safer by lighting up your bicycle with battery-powered string lights.

Light up a bottom bunk bed

Bunk beds hold up string lights pretty well too.

Light up a creative work space

Make your home office a more enticing space to do meaningful work by decorating it with string lights.

Light up a divider

Add decorative touches to a plain divider with branches and string lights.

Light up a hallway

Dress up an otherwise boring hallway with fancy string lights.

Light up a hammock sanctuary

Trees, hammock, pillows, blanket, picnic spread, and string lights. Need we say more?

Light up a map

Here’s a really cool idea for travel bugs: a light up map to display on your travel altar.

Light up a mirror

Add fairy tale whimsy to mirror accents with fancy string lights.

Light up a rug

Just because you can!

Light up a terrarium

Take your DIY terrariums to the next level by lighting them up with battery-powered string lights.

Mood lighting for indoor spaces

Adding string lights to any indoor space sets the mood for a cozy, intimate setting.

Night stand lights

Instead of the usual night stand lamp, opt for night stand lights for a more modern feel.

Outdoor mood lighting

Use string lights to add a romantic and cozy ambiance to your backyard whether for casual hanging-out or intimate parties.

Party table lights

String lights are fancy enough to light up a party table.

Spell words

Use string lights to spell any word you want to adorn a wall.


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