25 Exciting New Uses for Paint Color Samples

When your house painting project is dry and done, you’ll find yourself left with dozens of paint chips you don’t know what to do with. They’re so pretty that you don’t want to give them away just yet. We know that feeling. Luckily, these DIY projects will keep anyone excited to have another creative, awesome use for their paint chip collection.

Framed Paint Chip Art

Cut or punch paint chips into various shapes and turn them into beautiful works of art you can proudly display in your home.

Butterfly paint chip art tutorial from Bright Star Kids.

Ombre Paint Chip Earrings

If one-of-a-kind accessories and statement pieces are your style, you will love these ombre paint chip earrings.

Tutorial by Aki of Minted Strawberry.

Paint Swatch Animal Friends

Encourage your kids to play like you used to—with simple toys they can hold and their own imaginations, instead of games on a tablet or smartphone. You can make these paint chip animal friends as a project together with your kids.

Tutorial by Rachel of Handmade Charlotte.

Paint Swatch Bookmark

A pretty bookmark is one of the easiest things you can make out of paint chips.

Idea by Jessica of How About Orange.

These embossed paint chip alphabet bookmarks are also pretty unique.

Tutorial by Marie of Scissors and Spoons.

Color Swatch Calendar

Office calendars should never look boring. Make your calendar pop out by making it yourself with paint chips in vibrant colors.

Tutorial by David of Cheltenham Road.

Paint Chip Chandelier

Sia definitely can’t swing from this paint chip chandelier, but it’s still awesome.

Tutorial by Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events.

Paint Chip Christmas Tree

Transform green paint chips into a cute Christmas tree table ornament.

Tutorial by Chelsea of Making Home Base.

Paint Chip Clock Design

Make a simple white clock look fancy and unique by dressing it up with paint chips.

Tutorial by Kirstin of Kojo Designs.

Paint Color Swatch Coasters

Paint chips in rich, saturated colors make pretty interesting coasters.

Tutorial by The Crafty CPA of 645 Workshop.

Paint Chip Cut-outs

Paint chip cut-outs have a lot of uses. Stick them on kraft paper to design your own wrapping paper, and also as design on plain brown paper bags, homemade gift tags and greeting cards, art journals, and scrapbooks.

Paint Chip Samples Garland

Make a festive garland from paint chips.

Tutorial by Steph of Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Paint Chip Gift Boxes

Paint chips also make sturdy paper boxes, perfect to hold small gifts.

Tutorial by Jessica of How About Orange.

Paint Chip Gift Tags

Add a crafty, personalized flair to gifts with paint chip gift tags.

Project by Elena of A Casarella.

Paint Swatch Lamp Shade

This DIY paint chip lamp shade is so unique, you might be the only one in the neighbourhood with this kind of lamp if you make it.

Tutorial by Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl.

Paint Chip Matching Game

This is one of the easiest games you can make for your kids. A matching game is handy to keep around to entertain kids while in the car, while waiting, and whenever boredom strikes.

Tutorial by Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional.

Paint Chip Mobile

Make an easy mobile for your baby using colorful paint chips.

Tutorial by Ashley of Naptime DIY.

Paint Chip Mosaic

The pretty, vibrant colors and satiny texture of paint chips look so good in a mosaic.

Tutorial by Stephanie of Confetti Workshop.

Paint Sample Color Napkin Holder

Add pops of color to a whimsical party table setting with paint chip napkin holders.

Idea shared by Courtney of A Thoughtful Place.

Paint Chip Party Invites

Color your party invites interesting by making them from paint chips.

Tutorial Brian Patrick Flynn in HGTV.

Paint Chip Place Setting

Paint chip place settings are perfect for casual parties, picnics, and summer barbecues.

Tutorial by Karen of Sew Many Ways.

Paint Chip Rolodex Tabs

Give life to an old rolodex filing system by adding splashes of color with paint chip tabs.

Tutorial by Diane of In My Own Style. Check out the updated version of this project here.

Paint Chip Table Makeover

Make an old, boring wooden table new and interesting again with a coat of paint and paint chip strips for design.

Tutorial by Danielle of Minimoz Blog.

Paint Chip Wall Art

If you can’t decide just yet what to do with that glaring blank wall, you can use the space for a paint chip wall art for now and change it later if you want.

Tutorial by Niki and Ali of Papery & Cakery.

This paint chip heart art looks so awesome; it’s a color fest for the eyes too.

Hearts and rainbows go well together and not just on Valentine’s day. This beautiful paint swatch heart artwork is a color fest for the eyes.

Tutorial by Megan in I Heart Organizing.

Paint Chip Wrapping Paper

Paint chips don’t just make pretty gift tags and gift boxes, they can be used as wrapping paper too.

Tutorial by Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl.

Stairway Wall Paint Chip Makeover

This paint chip-covered stairway wall takes a lot of dedication and paint chips to make, but the final look is all worth it. It looks so unique, vibrant, and cheerful against a white background.

Project by Tess of Cozy Little Cave.

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