17 Awesome Lego Upcycles

Do you have a bunch of old Legos sitting around? Chances are you had an awesome childhood. And chances are you are about to have an even more awesome adulthood with these awesome Lego upcycles!

Here are our favorites.

1) Cables got you down? Get a handle on them with your favorite Lego guy:


2) Quite possibly the most awesome Lego hack ever. LEGO SNOW GLOBE!


3) A little hot glue and a little imagination gives you awesome Lego upcycles:


4) Don’t worry, ladies, we’ve got you covered too. Turn your favorite Lego minifig into a necklace:

lego upcycles


5) Clean up that clutter with an awesome Lego desk organizer:

lego upcycles


6) Add some magnets for instant file cabinet glamour:

lego upcycles

Pro tip: use neodymium (silver) magnets for a flatter profile.


7) Make a Lego planter.


8) Give those keys of yours a home:


9) Frame it!

lego upcycles


10) Feed the birds with a crazy awesome Lego bird feeder:

lego upcycles


11) Clean it up with some Lego soap.

lego upcycles


12) Try these seriously awesome Lego coasters:


13) Make your fish happy.


14) Fix an old wall with Lego bricks!

lego upcycles



15) Save your pennies in this DIY locking lego bank.


16) Never be late with this Lego wall clock:

lego upcycles


Bonus: Switch out the minifigs depending on your mood.


17) Be all grown up about it with your Lego furniture.


That concludes our top picks for Lego upcycles. As you can see, you can go pretty wild with these little building blocks and your imagination is the limit. And even if you don’t come up with anything yourself, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! I hope you enjoyed it and got some motivation to give these old toys a new use once more!

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