12 Clever Ideas for Repurposing Boats

Old boats are perfect for repurposing into furniture and décor that can be statement pieces adorning beach houses, vacation homes, and nautical-themed spaces. Here are 12 clever ideas to stir your imagination.

Boat Bed

Sail off into the sunset on a comfy boat bed.

Book Shelf

A boat book shelf = an original way to display your books. Not only would guests love to take peek at your books, they’ll want to take a closer look at your boat shelf too.

Boat Shed

Water tight boats make sturdy, rustic, and unique storage sheds.


A water-tight boat cooler is the perfect vessel to hold drinks for outdoor parties and gatherings.


A boat couch completes a living room with a nautical theme.

Display Shelf

Convert a boat into a shelf as a craftsy way to display artwork, photos, collections, and memorabilia.

Garden/outdoor Nook

Boats make whimsical garden or outdoor nooks you’d want to mark as your own private sanctuary.

Kids’ Sandbox and Play Space

Kids will have hours of fun playing in a boat sandbox and pretending they’re at sea.

Outdoor Lounge

Everyone will want to lounge around outdoors when they see you’ve got a boat lounge.

Party Bar

This party bar will have guests elbowing each other to admire it up close and it’s a pretty good excuse to get drinks.


Reading Nook

If we had this boat for a reading nook, we’d never want to leave!

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