10 Ways to Re-use Old VHS Tapes

Remember what VHS tapes were used for? Ah…it was an entire era when renting movies from the local video store and a weekend movie with your family or friends meant precious bonding time. VHS tapes may be obsolete these days, but instead of just letting them gather dust in a forgotten drawer, you can re-use VHS tapes into something useful like these easy DIY projects.

Bird House

Naturally, old VHS tapes make good bird houses like boots. Re-use VHS tapes by attaching a wooden peg for a perch.



VHS tapes with cardboard cases are perfect for this project. They blend in perfectly with your books.


Tutorial from: Crafty By Nature

Foosball Table

Everybody would definitely be clamoring to have a go at this cool foosball table. There’s nothing else like it.


Source: www.recyclart.org

Hanging Box Shelves

Who needs IKEA when you can turn old VHS tapes into box shelves? It’s beauty and function all rolled into one. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Picture Frame + Secret Compartment

This is a unique way of displaying photos and art. Slide pictures into the plastic sleeve of the VHS tape case. Attach the cases to your art or photo wall. You can use the case to store other photos or stash valuables. Just don’t tell anyone about it.

re-use VHS tapes

Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com


Do the environment a favor by recycling old VHS tapes into planters instead of letting them end up in a junkyard or land fill. You’ll only need your tapes, glue, soil, and plants.


Source: Low Tech Urban Farmer

Storage Case

Simply hollow out the inside of a cassette tape and ta-da—instant pencil case or storage case for anything that fits. You can spray paint it or add your own decorative genius if you don’t want it to look obviously like a VHS tape.

vhs pencil case

Tutorial from: Instructables


Talk about making a statement. You will, with this VHS table. The moment you have guests over, conversation would go around this unique piece of furniture.

VHS table

Tutorial from: Instructables


Only fitting for a piece of technology to be transformed into another piece of technology. Add LED lights and you get one cool homemade USB hub.

re-use VHS tapes

Tutorial from: Instructables

Yarn Dispenser

This is a genius idea for storing yarn so you won’t have to end up with a tangled mess. The case also keeps it from gathering dust.

re-use VHS tapes

Tutorial from: Instructables


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