10 Crafty Ways to Repurpose Used Shoes

If you feel guilty for sending your old shoes to a landfill, or can’t wear a pair of barely used high heels anymore but still want to keep them, here are creative ways you can repurpose used shoes into something beautiful and useful.

Turn boots into a “Twitter” home

Boots are made for walking, but they can be good for the birds too. Tall cowboy boots or thick work boots are perfect to repurpose for this project. Just be prepared for birds to flock to your boot bird house for some much needed R&R.

You can find the tutorial here.

From sexy pumps to glamorous bookends

If you love shoes and books, transform a pair of sexy high heels into glamorous bookends. They also make interesting conversation pieces when your guests see them in your home.

Follow this basic tutorial from HildaGotRocks.



Turn old and used into green and alive

Give life to old shoes by repurposing them as planters. Succulents thrive, miraculously enough, in shoes!

From chic stiletto into funky jewelry holder

If you have pretty stilettos you can’t wear anymore but can’t bear to part with, repurpose them into pretty jewelry holders.

Suzy Home Faker shares a quick tutorial.

Decoupage shoes

Customize your plain high heels or flats and make them prettier by creating decoupage shoes. Glossy paper from old magazines are perfect for this project.

Violet Le Beaux shows you how.

DIY Dorothy shoes

Always dreamed of having glamorous ruby slippers like Dorothy? You can make your own by “gliterrizing” a pair of pumps or ballerina flats.

Wikihow shows you how to “glitterize” your shoes.

Sweet rainbow shoes

For sugar addicts, this pair of irresistible candy-coated pumps hits the sweet spot.

Make a statement with fruity footwear

Etsy designer Mayan Levi-Ellentuck upcycled different pairs of women’s shoes into fruity crochet footwear. They’re so cute and perfect for the summer.

Check out her collection.


Turn a blank canvas into works of art

Plain Vans or Toms make the perfect blank canvas for hand painted shoes. But you can use any old pair of slip ons, sneakers, or kicks you have and make them stand out.

Empress of Dirt shares an easy to follow tutorial.


The cutest pin cushion

If you’re wondering what to do with your kid’s old baby shoes, they make the cutest pin cushions.

Follow the tutorial here.

Walkie-talkie shoes

Designer Sean Miles and gadget company O2 collaborated together and came up with a collection of shoe walkie talkies that seem to come straight out of a funny spy movie.  Missed it by *that* much.

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